Day 14! Update from Grandma Wendy: Love, Courage, Hope

It’s Sunday and our starting point is Dundas St. Woodstock. Another beautiful day! We cannot believe the weather!….hopefully it will continue..(cooler would be nice)

Louies’ message for today, “Together We Can Do Anything!” The picture is of Grandpa Bob and Louie working on his new swing set. Grandpa spent 8hrs in the hot sun putting that thing together! Louie helped of course, he handed Grandpa parts,played with the box, then he went in to have his lunch, then he had his nap, and when he woke up Grandpa was almost done! The other picture is Louie holding a hammer, and Grandpa his holding the dowel (you trust your grandkids with anything!) they were putting Bellas’ new Princess shopping cart together for her birthday.
We have another Newbie with us today, longtime friend of Grandpa  Bobs’  Vaughn Washington. Niece Rachel has come back , she went to Quebec on her grade 8 class trip. She was excited to tell me that they went to the Bascillica in Quebec. She lit a candle for Louie and Derrick and it stays lit. They take these candles to the basement, still lit until they burn out on their own. They have mass 365 days a year… it’s called the church of miracles and Rachel saw canes, medical supports for arms legs, etc. and they were on racks, people left them behind  after they have been healed! We pray that Louie gets the miracle he needs and can leave his night braces there some day! We pray for that miracle everyday!
So we parked outside Centreville at a Pentacostal Church and there is a little park behind it. Good place to have lunch. Lisa , Oakley and Khloe have joined us for lunch. Oakley said to his mom “I have to see Grandpa, I have his shirt on!” Miss Khloe had her Old Navy hat on,
a red tutu, pom-poms and a sign for Grandpa that says “You’re half way there”. Rob Hammonds buddies showed on their speed bikes waiting to escort Bob into town. Newbie Marnee Hammond showed up with her famous lemon squares, and their son Blair gave Bob a fancy thermos from his union filled with lemonade. The saying that “friends are the family we choose”  well the Hammonds are those friends… we have been lifelong friends and our girls Lisa and Nicole have been together since kindergarten. Our Lisa knows Ingersoll well as she use to go to Grandma Hammonds with Nicole all the time. I guess we have been together for so long that the Hammonds call Bob the “6th Hammond” (Rob H is one of 5 brothers)
So as we enter the town of Ingersoll, Rob H’s dad George is waiting to walk with Bob thru town. The family planned his 76th birthday to be the same day as  Bob walking thru town. There they all were in a large group holing a huge, long sign welcoming Grandpa Bob and even me too!!
Now the Hammond family are no strangers to strife. Their Nephew Lucas was diagnosed with Lukemia years ago  (and we used to hold a golf tournment every year in his honour for childhood cancer) I’m so happy to say we no longer do it for Lucas because I saw him today and he is a healthy, smiling, vibrant teenager! I had bought one of his paintings he had done for the gold auction, (he was quite the artist) and when I look at it I see LOVE-COURAGE-HOPE! I bought the next one he did the following year and they are always a reminder to us to be brave and to have courage and to always have HOPE!
In the same family another nephew has been born with a rare condition with many challenges,  And There they all were, cheering us on..we are not alone in this fight, we maybe fighting different diseases, but we are all hoping for the same keep our children healthy and safe. Our son Joey coaches minor hockey and he had a few of his boys and families join us on the walk. Thanks guys!
We finished our day at the Salford Sign on Hwy 19.  Another HOT, exhausting but exhilarating day! We lose Debbie today, back to work. Thanks sister Deb-we love ya!
Thanks Shawn see you next weekend!
Grandma Wendy
No Bad Days!

About Jesse's Journey

Jesse's Journey is a partnership of researchers and families dedicated to finding a cure for Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Grandpa Bob Facca is walking for his grandson Louie, and all the other boys like him. He's walking 4,000 kilometres from Quebec City to Winnipeg starting May 12. Please support Bob at or Text BOB to 45678.

One response to “Day 14! Update from Grandma Wendy: Love, Courage, Hope”

  1. Angie says :

    Inspiring as always. Hope the weather cools a bit for you all!!

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